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Dear Users

We are pleased to announce that, your Internet Banking has become more secured and friendly than ever before. We have introduced 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) Hardware and Software Token to generate OTP (One Time Password) for secured login. First Security Islami Bank introduced 2FA to protect your transaction from “Man-in-the-middle” attack. Wish you a happy and secured banking with FSIBL.

Important Information:

▪ Do Not share your hardware/software token password with anyone else

▪ Do Not use the “save password option” on your computer or browser

▪ Do Not write down any password or reveal it to anyone, including bank


▪ The Software token can be used 1 time only. It is not possible to reuse

or reinstall this token in case of device software upgrade/factory reset/change of device settings etc.

▪ Change your password regularly. We recommend changing your

password every 60 days

▪ After 3 failed attempt your ID will be locked

▪ Always access FSIBL i-Banking through www.fsiblbd.com clicking the

i-Banking icon

▪ Update your PC with latest Anti-virus Software, personal firewall.

▪ For any query, please e-mail: ibanking@fsiblbd.com

▪ For further detail please visit www.fsiblbd.com

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